Instagramová fitneska ukázala, ako vyzerá skutočné tehotenské telo. Už ju nebavilo žiť v dokonalej ilúzii, ktorú si ľudia vytvorili

Nabrala odvahu a začala na Instagrame ukazovať realitu.

6. november 2017, 19:06
6. november 2017, 19:06

V dnešnom svete plnom ilúzií a internetovej dokonalosti je každý pokus o prirodzenosť príjemným závanom. Fitnes blogerka Fenella Scarlett McCall ešte pred pár mesiacmi otehotnela a dlho rozmýšľala, ako zakomponovať svoje rastúce bruško medzi svoje fotografie dovtedy dokonalej postavy. Napokon sa v júli rozhodla, že sa vykašle na akékoľvek pózy a so svojimi sledovateľmi začala zdieľať pravidelné zmeny na svojom tele bez prikrášľovania.


Fenella sa na Instagrame zverovala aj so svojimi neustále meniacimi pocitmi, ktoré prichádzajú s tehotenstvom, pretože jeden deň bola plná energie a na druhý deň upadla do úplnej letargie. Postupom času sa naučila akceptovať aj svoje strie a zväčšujúcu sa kožu v okolí stehien. Tehotenstvo pritom nebolo vôbec jednoduché a objavili sa aj náročné situácie, keď v okolí 15. týždňa zistila, že pribrala dvojnásobné množstvo kilogramov, aké lekári odporúčali. Najdôležitejšie je podľa nej naučiť sa žiť so svojím transformujúcim telom, ale určite to všetko stojí za nádherný moment, ktorý sa dostaví hneď po pôrode.


Embracing the rolls, cellulite and weight gain of pregnancy ☺ Shifting my attention to feeling positive, with goals of health and happiness, instead of ‘least weight gain and stay as toned as possible’ - which was stressing me the fuck out Taking each new day as it comes- doing my best to get in a walk every day, while eating as healthy as I can for bub. Also, working on being kind to myself ‍♀. Like Fen, you bloody superstar- THERE’S A HUMAN GROWING INSIDE YOU I’m feeling him KICK It’s so incredible! The little guy has a mind of his own and he’s chosen me to carry him into the world! Wow .. I’m pretty excited for the cuddles ahead. I’ve had some whacky body things happen during pregnancy that have brought up feelings of shame, but then I realise this is ALLLLL part of life. I’m meant to go through this stuff. So I’m just sitting back and learning. Absorbing and accepting. It’s been the most amazing gift I’ve ever been given #22weeks #babybump #secondtrimester

Příspěvek sdílený Fenella Scarlett McCall (@fitfenji),


I've almost put on double the amount of 'recommended weight gain' and I'd be lying if I said it didn't worry me .. I've been looking at other women who are the same number of weeks or further along than me thinking 'oh dear Fen, you are getting too big.' My inner critic is always first in line to share a thought . So I need to take a moment... A moment to realise that in the first 13 weeks I was completely thrown by this pregnancy gig. The usual food I craved- healthy/ veggies/ fruit made me feel . The only relief I got, seemed to come in the form of... CARBSSSS... Preferably starting with the letter P .. I couldn't exercise either. Utter exhaustion, along with an almost debilitating depression kept me on the couch. With that, came the negative self talk. I honestly wondered if I'd ever feel like 'me' again. The person I got to know since getting clean 2 years ago- who I had worked so hard to find and learn to love. But since coming into the second trimester, at the start of week 14, I'm finally feeling 'okay' again. Energy is coming back, but my healthy habits have been broken . So it's time to put in EFFORT. Silence the 'I can't be bothered' head and put in the bloody action . These last few days I've starting walking again (seriously- I wasn't even moving before ) AND it feels fucking fantastic . Even just 20-30 mins... I'm also attempting to make healthy food choices- but this habit has been WAY harder for me .. So I just gotta stay determined... Anyway, just thought I'd share where I'm at.. lol- I feel like this might be really boring to read but whatevs .. Love to all and any other preggo ladies who also might be in struggle town xxxx #secondtrimester #15weekspregnant

Příspěvek sdílený Fenella Scarlett McCall (@fitfenji),


Half way through the second trimester now Today I noticed my belly button is starting to do strange things, potentially on it’s way to popping out Oh man- the things!!!! The changes! So whacky and so cool. So I’ve been struck down the last three days with an awful cold which had me stressing for baby and also cause of no exercise and no walking (due to exhaustionnnn )- so I’ve been left at home alone with me, myself and I annnndd well ✋... Let’s just say, when I saw my partner after he finished work all hell broke loose So hormonal and needy! I NEED MY MUM, oh wait, hang on, soon that’s gonna be me- oh dear..... .. Anyway, everything with lil Bub is great and I should be better after one more night of sleep (putting out the feelers ). Just been eating a TON of veggies, resting and accepting that’s all I can do. A la natural Trying to steer clear of all meds when and where possible! I start my hypnobirthing classes soon ‍♀ Anyone else done a drug free birth?? Nervous but I really feel this is for me Anyway..... that’s all I’ve got... baiiiiiiii

Příspěvek sdílený Fenella Scarlett McCall (@fitfenji),


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